Meredith Village

Mill Falls

It was my first time in New England and the most northern I had been in the US. The two-hour drive (or maybe three) to New Hampshire from Boston brought me to a place that’s exactly how I imagined an old North American landscape before the urban jungles have taken over most of the East Coast.

Meredith Bay

Away from the crazy traffic and the noise of the city, Meredith is a picturesque little town in between bodies of water. The houses, buildings, parks, and even the boat docks were so attractively old-fashioned that you would want to grab a guitar and sing a Taylor Swift. Or maybe not.

The photos above show Mill Falls Inn with its 40-foot waterfalls and a boat dock that’s one jump away into the freezing Meredith Bay taken in April 2015 when most of the ice has melted after the winter. I wonder how they look today after last week’s blizzard.


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