The last time I went to People’s Park in the Sky was during a field trip when I was in grade school and I remember I was amazed at how close we were to the clouds. We could see them floating above us and moving at a much faster pace than how we saw them at ground level.

Two decades have passed and I went back to this place with my family. But instead of entering the park itself, which would be another 400m climb to the top of Mt. Sungay (the highest peak in the Tagaytay Ridge), we discovered a viewdeck at the edge of the moutain offered for free by a rather humble coffeeshop. In front of us was a beautiful landscape of greens, slopes, and majestic mountains from afar. The Volcanic Island of Taal is not fully visible from this viewpoint but this scenery was enough to say it was worth a visit.

I wasn’t able to find out the names of the mountains in this photo so if anyone knows them, let me know!

The viewdeck and the coffeeshop is managed by a cooperative established by the locals to boost local tourism and economy. Don’t forget to buy your pasalubong and make sure you don’t haggle to much!


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