Long drives (or in my case, long commutes) are literally a pain in the arse. But it does provide the joy of seeing beautiful sceneries from the window, places that are not part of your itinerary but nonetheless you are glad to see.

My 4-hour bus trip to Atlantic City from Washington D.C. was almost nothing but a long stretch of forests, residential areas, and industrial parks. Susquehanna River, as we crossed it via John F. Keneddy Memorial Highway in Maryland, provided a few minutes of refreshing view of blue. Seen from my window was Garret Island. Beyond that, the river flowed through the Chesapeake Bay and ultimately drained to the Atlantic Ocean.

More interesting facts
It is the longest river in the American East Coast that ends in the Altantic Ocean and the longest river in continental United States that does not have commercial boat traffic. It is also one of the oldest rivers in the world!


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