Moonlight 1

Moonlight 2

Moonlight 3

It’s no wonder why Danny Ocean’s conspirators spent a few minutes before parting ways just watching the graceful choreography of the Bellagio Fountain. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold. At the edge of the pool, right across the street, or from the highest point of High Roller (currently holding the world’s tallest observation wheel); the dancing water will hypnotize anyone once it starts doing its thing.

You don’t usually go to Vegas without thousands of dollars to burn, but if what you had in your wallet mysteriously disappeared in the casinos and strip clubs, you can go ahead and just watch the free shows that the palatial hotels in Vegas offer, including the Bellagio Fountain.

(I went to Vegas without thousands to burn. I went there to attend an accounting training. Hey, that’s the truth. Please believe me.)

Click here for the clips I took of the Bellagio Fountain.


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