Confirmed by Earth

Confirmed by the Earth

One of the classic poses of the Buddha, he is depicted in this statue at the moment of Siddhartha Gautama’s enlightenment. I remember in one of my English Literature classes back in high school that Siddhartha was sitting under a Bodhi tree in meditation when a demon tried to scare him off his seat. But he didn’t move. Not giving up, the demon mocked Siddhartha and claimed the seat of enlightenment. The demon’s underlings cried, “I am his witness!” The demon proudly challenged Siddhartha saying, “Who will witness for you?” Siddhartha moved his arms and touched the earth, and the earth roared with the words, “I am your witness!” The demon disappeared and Siddhartha, since then, has been known as “The Perfectly Self-Awakened One”.

This particular statue can be seen in Shanti Stupa in the State of Odisha, India.

Buddhism started in India, but has lost its glory for the last seven or eight centuries. Now, less than 10% actually practice it in the country where it was born. Although it appears to reemerge as people try to follow it as a way of life. Nonetheless, it remains to be a world religion as many cultures in Asia continues to practice it.


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